Abandoned Workers Wheelchair March 關廠工人恨行

"悲 Sad, 恨 Hate, 怨 Grief, 幹 Fuck" ~Abandoned Workers 關廠工人 On May 5~6, 2013, the elderly Abandoned Workers put on their famous protest vests w/ "悲 Sad, 恨 Hate, 怨 Grief, 幹 Fuck" to fight for their rights, with a 2 days/hundred miles long wheelchair march across 3 cities(勞委會出發輪椅行軍,經新北地院,夜宿三鶯部落、經鶯歌火車站至桃園火車站, 至桃園地院), started from a protest rally & a local spirit ritual, then march through Taipei downtown, to New Taipei City Distrct Court, go on to Taoyuan City Distrct Court.  "Nobody cares for workers, till we fight for ourselves. 工人沒人疼, 只有自己拼!" ~Abandoned Workers 關廠工人 Jump rails 臥軌, Sit-ins 靜坐, Sleep-ins 夜宿, marches 遊行, knee-down crawlings 六步一跪, eggings 丟雞蛋, rallies 包圍, street plays 行動劇, strikes 罷工, hunger strikes 絕食, occupy 佔領, paralyze 癱瘓... The elderly Abandoned Workers 關廠工人 union... read more
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Abandoned Workers Wheelchair March 關廠工人恨行