A Handful of Dreams - The Truth About Begging
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Every day thousands of children across India are forced to beg. At traffic lights, religious institution, malls, commercial hubs, railway stations, bus stops - they're everywhere. It's a sight you can't miss, no matter which part of India you are in. 'A Handful of Dreams' takes an in-depth look at this often neglected form of human trafficking and follows the story of an undercover operation aimed at rescuing these helpless children.

"I don't want to beg" says Swapna, a girl who was rescued during Operation Rakshane, a citywide rescue for children trafficked into beggary in Bangalore. Her story inspired the title of the documentary A Handful of Dreams. This documentary not only focuses on real stories of real lives being changed after the rescue but also takes you through all the stages of planning and execution of the operation. With ten camera crews, following rescue teams of social workers, state officials and police personnel, you witness never before seen footage of the actual rescue in progress.

Following the stories of two children rescued in this operation, A Handful of Dreams, takes you deep into a world you have never experienced. Directed & produced by Bangalore based charity, U&I, A Handful of Dreams is the story of precious children that are in need of rescuing and someone to stand up for their rights.

on Thu, Nov 22 2012 · 2,564 Views
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