A Syrian Love Story - Trailer (trailer)

Amer and Raghda met in a Syrian prison 20 years ago. Amer looked on as the injured Raghda was dumped in the cell next to his. For months, they communicated through a tiny hole they secretly made in the wall. They fell in love, and after leaving prison they married and had children. In 2009, Raghda is once more jailed as a political prisoner. When she is unexpectedly released, the Syrian Revolution is in full swing. Soon after, the family has to flee, but the revolutionary in Raghda can’t be tamed. Her relationship with Amer comes under increasing pressure: it seems that freedom for one person is captivity for the other, and love of the family and the country struggle for priority. Sean McAllister films the family for over five years and almost becomes part of it. When he himself is... read more
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A Syrian Love Story - Trailer