5XUPP (Five Times Unit of Pacifing Police) - English Subtitles

Cinco Favelas cariocas divididas entre a esperança e o medo durante o processo de pacificação. Um filme de Felipe Bretas rodado com diferentes plataformas audiovisuais entre 2009 e 2014.

Five Rio de Janeiro Favelas divided between hope and fear during the pacification process. A film by Felipe Bretas, shot with different audiovisual platforms between 2009 and 2014.

Winner at 2014 Cabo Frio Film Festival as best documentary film - festivalcurtacabofrio.com.br/premiados.asp

Shot over 5 years form 2009 to 2014 at Rio de Janeiro Favela`s. Directed and written by Felipe Bretas.

Produced by Multiphocus Art and Communication.


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5XUPP (Five Times Unit of Pacifing Police) - English Subtitles