16 Corporations or We the People?

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Please note that the rapid increase in the national debt started in the 1980's, when we began allowing large corporations to contribute less than their share. With income levels for We the People stagnant — actually, after taxes, our income has decreased during this period — it's little wonder that our deficit and our debt have grown. Corporations decided to lobby and bully our government so they could contribute less to America. We the People have worked hard and done all we can, but we just haven't been able to make up the difference. 

This national debt can no more be blamed on We the People than the Great Recession, but corporate interests and the politicians who serve them are trying to make us pay for both. We will not stand for this. 


The recession may be over on Wall St. but on Main St, millions of us are going homeless and hungry. Stop pandering to the fat cats who caused, and then profited from the recession! Trickle-down economics has failed us. Time to invest in America.

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