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Colorado International Activism Film Festival
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By Ven Geancia /
Dec 31, 2016

For our first event, the "CIAFF" team has reserved The Bug Theater in Denver Colorado for one day: Saturday, July 15, from 2 PM until 10 PM, 2017. We'll have an opening "schmoozer" on Saturday night around 6 PM. The Bug operates a cash bar and concession stand. As our festival grows in popularity, we'll hope to expand to additional days of the week and venues around Denver. The festival is being offered by Infinite Perimeter Films.

Our festival is free for the public to attend, with donations accepted at the door and online in advance. All donations will go to award-winning activists. Seating is limited at The Bug Theater.  Activists submit screenplays, music, films, art, photography, and other related media for consideration by the CIAFF team. For more information, text/call (720) 298-1524.

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