Wall Street Occupation Continues, Builds Momentum, Shows the Leadership America Needs
Wall Street Occupation Continues, Builds Momentum, Shows the Leadership America Needs
By Kevin Zeese / october2011.org
Sep 22, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protest continues.The Occupiers are digging in for the long haul and showing the kind of civic action leadership Americans need to see. The protesters are gaining support.  Here's one example from environmentalists who are pointing out the relationship between Wall Street and the degradation of the environment.  And, this one from lawyers offering to represent the protesters right to put up tents to exercise their rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly to redress grievances.

Keith Olbermann exposed the unjustified lack of media coverage of the event. Noting that if this was a much smaller Tea Party protest there would be more media than protesters. Of course, it is not surprising that a protest that challenges concentrated corporate power is avoided by the six concentrated corporate news media outlets who do not agree with the protesters message. (We need to be our own media.)

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Wall Street Occupation Continues, Builds Momentum, Shows the Leadership America Needs