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Attend a "Stop Trump's #Swampcabinet" Rally
Tue, Jan 24 12pm to 1pm
530 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite 202 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 · Cost: free
Jan 23, 2017

Just Say No to the Swamp Cabinet

Senate Republicans are trying to jam as many confirmation hearings through their respective committees as possible to confirm Trump's notorious nominees. It must be stopped. 

Donald Trump riled up crowds claiming he'd "drain the swamp" and chase corruption out of Washington. But, so far, he has done nothing but nominate individuals that will continue to foster the same corruption he describe during his campaign.

That’s why, on Tuesday, January 24th, members of, People's Action and the Working Families Party are joining allies across the country to rally Democratic and Republican senators with a clear message: "Stop Trump's #SwampCabinet." At these rallies, part of the growing #ResistTrumpTuesdays movement, we will tell our senators and the media why Trump's cabinet is not what America wants or needs. Democrats and Republicans alike need to hear from us before this parade of greed and hate is confirmed to a cabinet that will attack working people, civil liberties, and the environment, while benefiting fellow billionaires and corporations.

Will you join fellow MoveOn members and allies and attend the nearest office visit?

We will be making use of our Constitutional right to assembly and speech to let our Senator, Lindsay Graham, know that we oppose Trump's cabinet nominees.
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Attend a "Stop Trump's #Swampcabinet" Rally