Special Features in the Garmin Fitness Tracker Which Are Not in the Other Trackers
Special Features in the Garmin Fitness Tracker Which Are Not in the Other Trackers
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There are some special feature in the Garmin fitness trackers which are there in the other fitness trackers which are specially designed by the Williams and co. William wants to replace the fit bit fitness tracker. This Garmin fitness tracker seems like a watch which is handy and easily wearable. William and Amilia spent about 250 dollars and Chris spent 600 dollars to design this fitness tracker. This Garmin fitness tracker is listed as the top 9 best fitness trackers in the world. Swimmers and runners and joggers whoever wants tracking their record can use this Garmin fitness tracker.

 Garmin Fitness Tracker Places One Among The Nine Best Fitness Trackers In The World

The price range to buy this fitness tracker is also very affordable by every person. The most important feature in this tracker is red alert. Another important feature is intensity minutes. This was very recently introduced in 2015. This fixes the target like 500 minutes of exercise to complete within a week. Without hesitating the goal you should complete the goal. This is what intensity minutes. The goal can be completed within the time limit. For example if the goal is for 600 minutes for 5 days you may do the exercises for 30 minutes each day and after 5 days you will reach your goal. Another feature in this garmin fitness tracker is smart notifications. It can notify with the smart phones. The notifications includes time and messages you have got and the emails and the any remainders.

 It links up with your smart phone to get all these notifications. It can also notify the weather condition at a particular day. It notifies all of them in which your smart phone has. If you get any message from whatsapp and wechat and instagram and snap chat and so on it also notifies all these messages. If you don't want to disturb you can also switch of that mode in trackerssome persons don't want disturbance during their jogging and walking. Vivo series move IQ is also one of the important features in this fitness tracker. Up to date information can get in these trackers from your smart phones. Still there are more upgrade versions in the market than the Garmin fitness tracker. People want the more updated versions and want more features to enjoy their walking and running and jogging.

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Special Features in the Garmin Fitness Tracker Which Are Not in the Other Trackers