Set up Your Own Home Theater!
Set up Your Own Home Theater!
By Rajesh /
Nov 29, 2016

Bought your own new home theater system? Want to watch movies in HD? Here’s what you should know before installing your very own home theater. Home theater is simply audio and video equipment, which can be set up in your house and can be used to dupe the movie theater experience. It consists of a monitor, speaker, Home Theater Projectors, and more.

Choose the right Hardware

It’s always better if you choose the right kind of projector, a screen and a good pair of speakers, but the total cost should not exceed the cost of a simple flatscreen television. If you‘ve the freedom to spend as you wish, then you can opt for upgraded components that cost higher.

  1. Projectors for video

Choosing the projector is the crucial step towards setting up a home theater. You must know to differentiate between a 720p and 1080p picture projectors, as they decide the quality of your picture. If you need your picture to be projected at 80 – 120 inches, then it is wise to go for a 720p projector.

  1. The screen for casting

Picking out a screen is quite easier as there are only two types of screens: a fixed frame screen and a pull-down screen. You can choose from various sizes, and fix it as per your convenience. You should be ready to spend $200-$300and have room for at least a 90 inches screen. A few widely used screens are:

  • Elite Screens 100” Manual Pull-down Home Theater Projectors Screen.
  • Elitech 100” Fixed frame Projector Screen.
  • FAVI 120” Manual Pull-down Home Theater Projectors screens.

Some screens will also provide enhanced contrast. Be choosy, and pick the screen of good quality while you buy one.

  1. Speakers for audio

The Sound is an important element for setting up a Home Theater. The speakers you choose play a vital role as they can make or break your home theater experience. Unlike televisions, the primary speakers aren’t installed next to the projector. Instead, they’re going to be installed across the room. If you don’t want wires running around your Home Theater projector’s room, then you can go for a wireless audio transmitter.

Always keep note of the number of sources connected to the projector, as the projector can’t handle switching between multiple sources. A great alternative is to swap sound inputs separately. Thus a clear and better sound quality can be achieved.

  1. The media center

You now need an interactive media center, where the movie can be played. You can build your own home theater PC or opt for buying a Blu-ray player. You can connect your conventional Operating System to the module, and run Windows or Linux on the same hardware.

Mounting the components

One final and hardest step in setting up a home theater projector is setting up the components. You need to work hard during the setup process, in order to obtain the right picture, and sound quality. It is a calculative and careful process.

What you’ll need?

Before you could think about the setup, here is a list of components that may be required during the process:

  • An electric screwdriver or a drill with a screwdriver head.
  • A stud finder.
  • A level.
  • A ceiling mount or a shelf where you can place your projector.
  1. Calculations for good picture quality

Before you start installing the home theater projector, you need to make a few calculations to figure out where your projected picture will land. It also depends on the size of the picture you need and must be free from distortions. You must mount your screen accordingly. Also take care that you place your speakers at the right places so that they don’t give rise to echoes. Place the speakers away from your screen for better sound quality. In case if you use a wireless mode of sound transfer, see to that it’s free of any interference.

  1. Put it all together

Once you are ready with your components and calculations, get the help of a friend and start mounting the components one after the other. Use required instruments for marking, drilling, nailing and fitting; go ahead, and position the screen based on your picture quality.

Now you’re good to go! Sure, it’s a tiring process, but once you get a hang of it, you will turn into a pro.

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Set up Your Own Home Theater!