Reading Lives of People Through Their Instagram Profiles
Reading Lives of People Through Their Instagram Profiles
By Gladys Martin /
Nov 30, 2016

Instagram is a social media application which is used to share photos and videos and also has the feature of direct messaging. The thing about photos and videos is that photos and videos capture moments, occasions and they tell alot about a person’s lifestyle, future plans, career, present location etc and instagram is one such application which enables you to study the life of a person by going through his or her photos and videos. Instagram also acts as a photo editing app where you can avail various filters and edits! And you can view anyone’s profile on this application to check their photos, even the private profiles. Check out how to see a private Instagram profile.

Life in images: Stories that they tell

The adage that pictures can tell stories holds up to its credibility and instagram is the perfect example in this regard. If you go through a profile which is filled with images of various types of dishes you will instantly be bombarded with thoughts that is this person a cook?  Is cooking one of her favourite hobbies?  is this person a fool critic?  And on further examination or scrutiny of the profile through various photos you will definitely get an answer for your question thus forming a conclusion based on the images that you saw.

Similarly if you come across the profile of a traveller you will be thrilled to see the beautiful places which he has travelled to and you will get a close glimpse into his life, the type of places which are his interests, etc. A person who is fond of photography would generally upload his collection in his instagram profile which would give an idea to the viewers about places he has visited, the famous areas and landmarks of that places, the people and their culture would tell you a story through the displayed pictures. Instagram is a storytelling application where going through the various pictures will give you a brief insight into the lives of artists, players, actors, etc and you can also get a closer look at their lives by viewing their videos posted on their instagram feed.

Instagram is a powerful social media application which provides knowledge and information about places, people's lives, their lifestyles, habits, plans, future plans or career plans. It can be used as a platform to study the lives of people and understanding the pattern of behaviour through images because as mentioned earlier in this article, a photo does not only capture a moment, it preserves those memories, a picture is the perfect storyteller.

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Reading Lives of People Through Their Instagram Profiles