My Experience on Dubrovnik Film Festival
Dubrovnik Film Festival or DUFF is a yearly film festival that takes place in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia.
My Experience on Dubrovnik Film Festival
By Lucas Valentine /

The season of film festivals is always one of my favorite times of the year, in there we get to see seldom small, indie films that do not have big Hollywood budget and explosions but instead they have soul, amazing stories, beautiful acting and that raw emotion built in deep inside the heart of the movie. Every time I go to a film festival I find a couple of movies that blow my mind and make me do a standing ovation.

The festival I went to this time was Dubrovnik Film Festival, or DUFF, which is located on the beautiful coast of Croatia in the picturesque city called Dubrovnik, most famous for being the location for King's Landing on Game Of Thrones. I have heard stories and stories about this city, how great it is, how amazing it makes you feel and why it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And yes, of course you are a bit skeptic about it and think it is overhyped but untill I actually came there and saw it by myself I could not judge it correctly so of course when I saw that this festival is in Dubrovnik, I immediately booked my ticket, sat on a plane and flew here. I decided to treat myself nice and for my stay I rented a luxury holiday villa in Croatia, it was not a mistake.

On to the festival itself, the lineup was quite solid I must say and it contained variety which I liked very much. There were some big name movies like Inferno from Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones, popular animated movies Kubo And The Two Strings from Matthew McConaughey and Nine Lives from Kevin Spacey but the films that I was more interested in were foreign ones like the spanish movies that caught my attention called Wake Up! which is a really interesting movie about bullying, it contains a strong message and it is definitely one of the better movies on this festival.

There were much more as well, like short movie called Wrong Thinking or Slovenian movie Nika which surprised me at how good it is.

Overall my thoughts about this film festival are positive, I would definitely go and visit it again and I was a bit surprised at how good the lineup truly was considering that this festival is far from being the most popular one in Croatia, it is overshadowed by Pula Film Festival and Motovun Film Festival but if you enjoy watching low budget, foreign moves with beautiful messages and unique ideas please visit this one.

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My Experience on Dubrovnik Film Festival