Lord of War (2005)- a Dark Comedy Drama Featuring Nicolas Cage
Lord of War (2005)- a Dark Comedy Drama Featuring Nicolas Cage
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Nov 23, 2016

Movie Info | Lord of War (2005)- A dark comedy drama

‘Lord of War’ is a 2005 film, which is full of adventure and suspense. The movie also depicts the ongoing and prosperous trade of selling missiles and other deadly weapons to the warring nations. The dark comedy drama showcases none other than ‘Yuri Orlov’ (Nicolas Cage) who’s shown not only an opportunistic, but also a smart business man, knowing how to reap the best results in his favor.

This is exactly what happened after the end of existence of the Soviet Union and subsequently the end of cold war. During those times, hundreds of high quality Soviet weapons were scattered and left unattended and became accessible not only at cheap and bargain prices, but even for free (especially for those who weren’t above stealing).

After a passage of time, the weapons started disappearing and started finding their ways to the wealthy dealers, who were ready to sell them further to the highest bidders. ‘Yuri Orlov’ (Nicolas Cage) was one such dealer who wanted to sell them to a plethora of buyers. These buyers started showing their interest in buying military gears and high technology based guns. Orlov, on the other hand, was primarily interested to sell them to the Third World nations. The buyers who came to purchase the weapons hurriedely paid cash as they didn’t appreciate to counter them with too many questions.

Soon, Orlov became rich after selling the weapons that included guns and military gears. But at the same time, Orlov got the attention from someone by the name Jack Valentine (Ethan Hawke). He happened to be an Interpol agent who soon got convinced that he’s not playing as per the rules. The dark comedy drama, ‘Lord of War’ is inspired by a true story and also features some other artists including Donald Sutherland, Mark Deming, Rovi, Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto among others.

Movie Name:                                       Lord of War (2005)
Genre:                                                     Action & Adventure, Mystery, Drama & Suspense
Released Date:                                     September 16, 2005 (Limited)
Directed By:                                          Andrew Niccol
Written By:                                          Andrew Niccol
Box Office Collection:                       $24,033,036.00
Duration:                                            122 minutes
Casts:                                                  Nicolas Cage, Ethan Hawke, Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan


REVIEW- Lord of War- A dark comedy drama

Andrew Niccol who’s both the writer and director of this dark comedy drama ‘Lord of War’ is known to produce top level films that are full of suspense and drama. These movies always enticed the respective audiences into a kind of complicity with those who are fairly intelligent and know the ways to profit due to one’s frailty. These kind of films that depict as dark comedy drama still message the audience that gunrunning is not a good thing and it crushes your soul.

Albeit, the movie takes a good start, but later crushes itself. Like Noccol who seems quite busy selling and making money. But after a while, it looks so unprofessional and tedious as the film’s engagement goes down.

The movie shows Nicolas Cage as highly opportunistic businessman who knows how to get a fair business deal. This is why he says in the adverts that he wants to sell his weapons to every eleven people out of twelve. And then he smirks. The dark comedy drama is almost two hours effort explaining all the business tactics.After Yuri encounters a mob hitting at a restaurant, he imagines as people would always need some means (weapons), if they decide to kill each other in any given circumstances. Like anyone else, he too begins with low and medium gangs. His motto is to supply the product and he’s not concerned what they’re doing with that.

The dark comedy drama seems much like ‘Catch Me If You Can'(2013)

This dark comedy drama- ‘Lord of War’ seems much like another movie by the name ‘Catch Me If You Can’. This movie was released in the yrear 2003 that shows the tale of super thinking and charismatic artist who knows how to stay two steps ahead of his purseur.

The emotional reading of this dark comedy drama- ‘Lord of War’ is somehow neutral. It somehow gives a sensation in the beginning that Yuri’s profession is not doing anything bad to him or rotting him inside without his consent. At this time, Yuri tries to seduce a woman by the name ‘Bridget Moynahan’. There happens so much within a span of 120 odd minutes. The film is not known as a fair comedy or tragedy.

Finally, if you look at Andrew Niccol’s earlier performance as a director, then you can find a plethora of other films that largely explain the human effects of technology in 1997’s Gattaca and then Simone (2002). Not only this, he also wrote another one by the name ‘The Truman Show. But this dark comedy drama as Lord of War doesn’t relate too much as per what he’s known to produce. If we take all this into account, then Lord of War seems a movie with no special insights put through.


Lord Of War is a kind of cynical movie depicting cynical trade. The dark comedy drama talks about the diminshing moral values between the Western businessman selling a firearm and the dictator who’s there to pull the trigger.

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Lord of War (2005)- a Dark Comedy Drama Featuring Nicolas Cage