If America's First, Who's Second? Europe Trolls Trump in Hilarious Series of Videos
If America's First, Who's Second? Europe Trolls Trump in Hilarious Series of Videos
By Andrew Butler / filmsforaction.org
Feb 7, 2017

After Donald Trump's inauguration declaration that "from this day forward it's going to be only America first", many in Europe were left wondering if perhaps they were second. In an attempt to win favor with the new President, many European nations have been making videos to show Trump why they should qualify for silver in the best country Olympics. 

First up were The Netherlands, who hilariously parodied Trump, bragging that they built a wall which created a sea that can be seen from the moon. 

Next the Danish - the people not the pastry - proposed mating the two country's national birds, the Bald Eagle and Mute Swan, to create Sweagle babies.

Not to be outdone, Switzerland bragged about their sexy mountains and denying women the vote until 1971.

Germany highlighted their most well-known leader, famous for his great hair and promise to make Germany great again.

(skip to 1'45" for the start of the video)

Despite their Tiny land mass, Belgium packs a huge punch with their most famous export Abba; which may or may not be an alternative fact.

New parody videos are being made every day and you can watch them all here.

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If America's First, Who's Second? Europe Trolls Trump in Hilarious Series of Videos