Everything From Why Study Abroad In German Universities To The Study Costs- The Germanway!
Fan of Volkswagen and dreaming to study abroad in Germany, we have come up with all your doubts resolved over why you should in Germany along with the study costs and scholarship opportunities. Read to know more!
Everything From Why Study Abroad In German Universities To The Study Costs- The Germanway!
Why study overseas in Germany
By The Chopras / thechopras.com

Are you a big fan of cars and high end technology? Are you a wide eyed spectator of the Grand prix? Then why are you still wondering about everyone chanting Germany when it comes to studying abroad plans!
Why do I want to study in some Germany University out of all other options available like USA or UK? Phew!
These questions must have been bugging you for quite a time now. So let us search your answers and end the debate for once and for all!

Why study abroad in Germany?


  • You have to pay either low or no tuition fees at German universities because most of the universities receive considerable financing from the government.
  • There is at the least one university in all the German cites which is ranked in world’s top 250!
  • It is the world’s third most popular destinations for studying abroad with more than twelve percent international students at German universities. An attractive place to study but its university degrees are considered by all the employers worldwide.
  • German education system offers you almost 450 state-accredited universities with about 17,500 degree programmes.
  • Strong focus on scientifically oriented studies.

Apart from these key highlights, let us first forget about the dark history of Germany of the wars. It is important to understand that Germany is a much safer country on an international scale with cooperative police ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. Doesn’t matter if you from a big city or a country side, you are free to explore in day or night without giving any particular thoughts!

While you study abroad in Germany you have a lot to explore like its surreal beaches, lush green nature, beautiful mountain side, medieval city centers and pulsating metropolises. A diverse country in the middle of the Europe surrounded by many other countries like Paris, Prague, Rome or Copenhagen approachable in a few hours by train or plane making your weekend trips affordable and fun. Study in a German university and it will give you the experience of a unique culture and a beautiful language that you will never face any boring time during your studies.

Find below stats for the study costs in Germany:

Public Universities: EUR 1,000 per annum (approx.)
Private Universities: EUR 10,000 – 30,000 per annum (approx.)
The accommodation costs and your living expenses- EUR 6,000 per annum each.
For your visa requirements you might have to show 8040 EUROs per year for living expenses.

Did you know that Germany has highest ranked university in the QS world university rankings 2016-17?
Check out the following list based on their world rankings in 2016-17, we have prepared for you to aid your plans for studying in German universities:

Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich- 30
University of Heidelberg- 43
Technical University of Munich- 46
Humboldt University Berlin- 57
Freie Universitat Berlin- 75
RWTH Aachen University- 78
HTW Berlin- 82
University of Tubingen- 89
University of Freiberg- 95
University of Mannheim- 102 and many more!
Since you have a clear picture of what it is going to be when you go out for studying in German universities let us highlight that if you speak German then you are a part of top 10 most spoken languages in the world with almost 185 million German speakers worldwide! Having some knowledge of the language can make life easier and help you socialize faster and better in Germany. Plus, a foreign language will look good on your resume making it a win-win situation anyway!

Wish you good luck in future endeavors!

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Everything From Why Study Abroad In German Universities To The Study Costs- The Germanway!