5 Reasons to Choose Private Hospitals for Treatment
5 Reasons to Choose Private Hospitals for Treatment
By ridhi / filmsforaction.org

Who hasn’t seen the long line of queue’s outside major public hospitals such as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)? Besides facing enormous pressure, thanks to an influx of a sea of patients, public hospitals have gained notoriety for being laggard in their approach towards treating patients. Not only do they prolong the time of treatment of patients that require immediate attention or have a serious illness, but also lack the framework to house a large number of patients. And, that is where private hospitals come into the picture-- props to their excellent doctor-to-patient ratio. This is precisely why the middle class seeks treatment from private hospitals. Since public hospitals are funded by the government and cannot turn away patients, private hospitals can refuse treatment to patients that are relatively not in a serious condition, however, both should treat an emergency case. There are many ways via which private hospitals trump government hospitals, some of them are listed below. Have a look-:

1. No Delay in Treatment or Waiting list hassles

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of going to private hospitals is that they don’t have long waiting lists. Be it a complex medical treatment or simple procedure, a patient can seamlessly get admitted within a couple of days even if they are from foreign countries. As a matter of fact, many patients from countries such as Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, etc. throng private hospitals in India to get rid of their ailments.

In a stark comparison, one has to wait up to a year for a minimally invasive spinal surgery or getting a knee replacement surgery done at public hospitals. To make things worse, non-urgent patient cases may take longer to resolve much to the dismay of the patient and their family members. Private hospitals grant patients the privilege of deciding when to have their treatment, as well as the choice of treating physician in a majority of non-urgent cases. 

2. Personalized care

Private hospitals are renowned for following a system that provides personalized care to all their patients. In fact, personal case managers are assigned the responsibility of consultations with the physicians, coordinating with the diagnostics, and all the minute aspects relating to a patient's comfort and hospitalization at every single ward. These incredibly convenient services are available within public hospitals wherein the patient’s relatives are responsible for arranging a patient’s diagnostic procedures and consultations with those hard-to find specialists. Furthermore, during treatment, a patient admitted in a private hospital gets more privacy in their room. Normally, the rooms feel more like suites offering various food menu choices depending upon the patient’s health. Private hospitals also provide suites where the kin of the patient can stay to keep them company. Lastly, on the cleanliness front, private rooms also ensure enhanced management in cleanliness and reduce the risk of contracting hospital-associated disease/infection(s).


3. Easy Availability of medical innovations

With the advent of the latest medical technologies, private hospitals constantly invest in top-notch medical equipment in treatment and diagnostics that is accessible across all hospital departments. A patient need not travel to another site in the hospital for getting proper diagnosis or treatment, for instance, getting ultrasound tests conducted. On the other hand, barring premier institutions like AIIMS, most of the public hospitals lack the immediate availability of state-of-the-art medical innovations. Many a times, one would come across patients in public hospitals lining up to get separate check-ups done, which could even lead to days. Moreover, many state run public hospitals have stern budgets vis-à-vis medical equipment purchases, and thus may not provide the qualitative services of newest medical equipment to their patients.

4. Guaranteed care by Senior Doctors

Usually, availing the services of senior doctors in public hospitals is a rarity. On the contrary in private hospitals, heads of departments and unit managers personally ensure that the patient under their purview gets the best of treatment. The patient should have no concerns about any interns managing their case since private hospitals employ experienced doctors that are carefully selected to conduct complex surgeries in all branches of medicine. Besides, most of the doctors at private hospitals are renowned for many successful surgeries conducted by them over the years. 

5. Reduced Risk of Infections

Due to outstanding intensive care units and excellent medical staff that is fully committed to a patient's welfare, the risk of contracting infections after surgery is less than 1% in private hospitals. Besides, the staff fully focuses on each patient’s individual needs, without scrounging for a hefty number of patients on a daily basis.

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5 Reasons to Choose Private Hospitals for Treatment