"3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Feeling Unfulfilled, Burnt Out and Dissatisfied... and How You Can Easily Avoid them...."
"3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Feeling Unfulfilled, Burnt Out and Dissatisfied... and How You Can Easily Avoid them...."
By King Gabriel Quincy Collymore / filmsforaction.org

"3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart A List Actors, Pro Athletes, Employees and Business Owners make that keep them feeling unfulfilled, burnt out and dissatisfied... and how you can easily avoid them...."


Painful Present Syndrome (PPS)

Seeing the present condition as an obstacle to the achievement of their goal.

Many people think of the conditions by which they are surrounded as non conducive to their success in what they would like to achieve and do not see the opportunity in the present activities of their everyday lives.
The future is then seen as awesome and perfect, but unreachable from the present and therefore only a dream. The present for these individuals is nothing more that a hindrance in the way of an amazingly delightful future which can never materialize.

WHY is it so important that you understand this concept

If people do not understand this concept thoroughly, they may experience:

In mild cases they will feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and have a sense of melancholy about life in general.

The sarcastic joking of many. ( How are you ?-Another day in Paradise)

In more intense cases it may destroy areas of their lives that they value like marriages and health.

The father who walks out on his wife and kids for a dream life.

In extreme cases, it may result in them not valuing life at all and becoming abusive and self destructive.

People who have been what others would deem successful, but overdosing in drugs etc.



A little Story of Perseverance:

The Frog in the Milk Pail


Aesop Fable as Retold by Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

A little frog was hopping around the farmyard. He was looking for good things to eat. He found wonderfully juicy flies buzzing around the pig pen. "Gulp! Gulp!" Gone.

Then, he ate some delicious crunchy spiders that hung from webs behind the feed trough. "Gulp! Gulp!" Gone.

He saw a mosquito flying by and reached out with his long sticky tongue and grabbed it. "Slurp," went his tongue. "Gulp! Gulp!" Gone.

As the little frog ate he explored new places. He saw a cricket hop into the milk shed. The cricket hopped through the door. So, the frog hopped through the door.

The cricket hopped up onto the milk stool. So, the frog hopped up on the milk stool. The cricket hopped up to the table top, and the frog hopped up to the table top. The cricket hopped to the window ledge, and the frog hopped to the window ledge. The cricket hopped out the window. But the frog fell, "SPLASH!" right into the milk pail.

The pail was filled half way with fresh milk. The level of the milk was too low for him to reach the top of the pail. The sides of the pail were high, and he could not climb out. The frog kicked, and he swam in circles until he became tired. He tried to close his eyes just to rest for a few seconds, but he sank to the bottom of the pail where his nostrils filled with milk. He could not breathe.

He used his legs to push off the bottom and kicked with all his might until he came to the surface again. He was so afraid, and he was so tired. He just wanted to rest. But every time, he quit kicking, he sank into the milk again and started to drown.

The frog did not give in to his fear or his tired legs. He kicked and he kicked and he kicked and he kicked.

Then, something strange happened. The milk began to turn thicker around him. At first, this made kicking even harder. The thickened milk tried to suck him to the bottom of the pail. It was harder than ever to swim and to kick. But, still the frog would not give up.

Finally, the milk turned thick enough that the frog could stand on top of it instead of sinking in. The milk had been turned into butter through all the kicking and turning and churning of the frog. The frog was able to climb out to safety and to return to his family.

When your life gets really tough.

When you think you've had enough

When the world works you to death

Just try to take a big deep breath


Try so hard before you rest

Keep on working, do your best

Don't give until you're done.

Don't give up until you've won.


Never Give Up!

A bit of my personal story :

My personal story began in a place before this one, where I was light and there was one exactly like me, and we were in constant connection; in that we thought harmoniously. I remember in an instant, I looked out of the realm that we were in, onto something that was outside and had a thought that was different to the one that was exactly like me, and then I became very uneasy, though my counterpart was still very serene and peaceful.

I felt intense anxiety and was born into this experience. I was born into a very athletic family who had Health as a major priority in life. My Mom and Dad were national athletes in the sports of Table Tennis and Track and Field respectively. My mother was open to spiritual growth and experimentation and had explored astral travel, yoga and many spiritual rituals in my early years . I was a keen student of these teachings and at the age of seven, I had managed to open my third eye. This allowed me insight into the thoughts of others and information that others would have tried to hide, was quite obvious to me.

My Grandmother and Great Aunt were well indoctrinated into the old interpretation of the Old Testament of the Bible, and believed fully in physical punishment as a means to correct a child's path. They suspected and even stated that I was possessed by some sort of demon or devil, because I would not partake in their hymns of worship which went on incessantly on the front porch.

They would beat me for minor resistance to their rules and detain me so that I could partake in their rituals and hymns. Despite all the seeming persecution and force feeding of information, something in me which had always wanted to deliver the messages of Love, Truth and Peace, found the means to surmount all the seeming obstacles to express itself through, and as my being today.

To me there is no greater verification of the power within me than my personal experience and revelations through my meditations.

A distinction worth knowing:

Indigenous or Endogenous?




1. originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often followed by to  ): the plants indigenous to Canada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa.

2. innate; inherent; natural (usually followed by to ): feelings indigenous to human beings.




1. proceeding from within; derived internally.
2. Biology . growing or developing from within; originating within.
3. Pathology . (of a disease) resulting from conditions within the organism rather than externally caused.
4. Biochemistry . pertaining to the metabolism of nitrogenous elements of cells and tissues.
5. Geology , endogenetic.

So generally speaking, Indigenous is belonging to a certain environment, while Endogenous is having the ability to create one's own environment.

HOW can you implement this immediately?

1.Write down at least three good things/accomplishments about your day before retiring at night.

2.Realize that you truly are an endogenous being, and live in an energetic universe, there fore what is within your consciousness/ conscious awareness must show up in your environment.

3.Ask for what You want. With this knowledge, asking for what you truly want can be as simple as 3 Steps, hence:


1. Know that anything besides joy and peace is fear.
2. Fear means that we are focusing on what we do not want.

3. Return the attention to the desired outcome.

At Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing we go through the Science of how this actually works in terms of the nervous system, waves and glandular systems, so you know without a doubt how to put concept into effect.








Lone Wolf Syndrome
(No coach or mentor)

Let's first understand what a coach or mentor is. By a Webster's dictionary definition:




a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes: a football coach.


[men-tawr, -ter]


1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

Our Understanding:
A Coach/Mentor, is someone who, through careful observation, applied knowledge and experience, has achieved a level of mastery on a specific topic and can therefore be trusted to teach someone else how to do the same with the greatest ease possible.

This territory is natural and understood from the coach’s perspective, but is most of the times unknown, or not even seen as a possibility to the beginner or amateur.


Concrete example – As a professional athlete, and through my life as an athlete, I have had the opportunity to see the difference between having a coach and not. As a professional fighter, where not making the correct move could result in serious injury, the role of my coach was very important in ensuring that my technique was effective so that I would not run out of gas too early, that my strikes were effective and landed the maximum force with the minimum effort, and that my combinations, defence, take downs and general psychological motivation was present. In fact I had several coaches for this one sport. I worked with some of the best strikers: Ray Sefu, Chris Riley, Jason Mayhem etc. Some of the best Jiu Jitsu and wrestling coaches: Eddie Brave, Royce and Rickson Gracie and this really took me from being good to being great.
In track and field, it was the same. I trained on my own for a number of years and had great success but when I had a coach in college, I instantly saw a huge increase in my performance. In one semester, I became the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference Champion in both the Shot Putt and the 55m dash, a feat seldom heard of and never before achieved.

I had the potential, but did not know how to realize it on my own. The coach saved me time and effort, and made what I did not even know was possible, a reality. I was successful in a way I could not have imagined on my own due to coaching.


Why is it so important that you understand this concept.
Without a coach, individuals make mistakes that others before them have made and waste one of their most precious commodities :TIME

Without a coach individuals have little to no new ideas to source from, so they will have limited chance of quantum leaps in progress. This is what is known as hitting a PLATEAU.
Without a coach, they may NEVER SEE THE OUTCOME THEY TRULY DESIRE due to a lack of accountability, discipline and motivation.
I was born into a family of athletes, and found a love for sprinting from an early age. I would race the kids on the block over 100m for fun, and at the age of 6, I was the fastest kid on the block, and in the region in which I attended school. I had a friend called Ashton who was just as fast as I was, and would always be right there with me at the finish line when we were children. He had the same ability that I had, but I sought a coach and continued to train. I got a scholarship and went to college and he remained at home and became a military soldier, but always ponders, what would have happened if he had gone on to develop his gift.
In my athletic career, I have met some of the best athletes, and the one thing that is common across the board is that the best athletes are coached and have trusting and wonderful relationships with their coaches. .

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Johnny Depp, Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Michael Beckwith,


1. Know the type of coach you need

An Article on How to select the right type of coach for you.

Alison Stein Wellner

Apr 1, 2006

What Kind of Coach Do You Need?

The Best Friend

The promise:
Best friends provide a shoulder to cry on, listen to your gripes, help you put things in context, and work with you to create strategies for change.

The Guru

The promise:
More than an expert on running a business, the guru is a quasi-spiritual entity with an overarching philosophy on management, leadership, and self-actualization. In some cases, he or she will be armed with books, videos, and seminars they'll encourage you to buy into.

The Number Cruncher

The promise:
Number crunchers go deep into your business, performing quantitative analyses, putting processes under a microscope, and working with you to create by-the-numbers metrics to measure performance and achieve your goals.

The Drill Instructor

The promise:
A drill instructor will correct your bad habits by getting in your face, establishing strict schedules, and forcing you to stick to them. Expect lots of tough, tough love. Many are former military personnel and athletes.

2. Go to the field that you are interested in and find a coach that can take you in the direction that you would like to go.

3.Hire a coach that can show you how to make your Transition with the greatest ease possible.

At Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing, we have perfected a delicate balance of the four coaching types to suit the need of the individual in the moment.




#1 Assume that what they know is all there is to know:

The Infinity pool effect:

An Infinity pool is a pool that is designs to appear as if it is connected a nearby ocean or lake, and gives the effect of being in the ocean, but the person is actually in the pool.

they are like someone swimming in an infinity pool, who totally believes that he is in the

To that person's senses, he or she is in a the Ocean, but in reality, the water he is in is fresh water, so he is just in the pool. To tell this person he is not in the pool does not make sense, he fully believes that this is the Ocean. Only by taking him to the Ocean and letting him taste the salt and feel the sand can he know that he was actually not in the ocean.
Just as a person in this pool cannot tell whether he is in the Ocean or not, A person who is in this state, does not have a clue that he/she is wasting his/her most precious commodity (time) while wading in a pool, thinking that the waves in the Ocean are from him/her.


Concrete Example- There was a man who was born in a cave in Chile due to captivation and he had grown up in total darkness. His eyes had grown so accustomed to darkness , that on seeing light for the first time, he fled back into the cave fearing his own shadow because what he had seen was different anything that he had ever witnessed.When business owners remain in a business that is not fulfilling to them, it is usually because they do not have the full view of other possibilities, or better said, they are not aware that those possibilities even exist.


The importance of this point is can be seen in it's mildest form as people who think they have IBS, but may not know that actually know that there could be something that seems that way but is not. I have a friend who wanted suffered all her life with terrible stomach pains almost every time she ate and was always in severe pain, year after year for thirty years of her life she just accepted the pain and resigned to the fact that that was how it was always going to be. Then fortunately, she was at an event where a naturopath mentioned that most IBS cases are actually irritability to certain foods. She was then tested and found to be allergic to wheat, she started eating gluten free products and she has never had to deal with the pain again.

In an more noticeable case, it may be an Olympic trial athlete missing the qualifications by one hundredth of a second, by not having an important information that would have made that difference in the start, transition or finish of the race, and in an extreme case, a person, Like Oscar, could live their entire life with an amazing gift, but have it never be Realized.


Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing (ARCH)

Through our program of simple and easily applicable tools, which has already helped thousands worldwide, we are fully equipped to help you to Create anything you desire and to maintain you peace in ways that will place you in a space of having the Ocean as you knowledge base or a much Larger circle accessible to you. We teach the tools to constantly access and apply information from the unknown areas to others, which will give you the greatest possible edge in whatever you choose to Realize.

With our 3 Steps to Reality, we can show you how to get right back into the world that you feel and know is supportive of whatever you choose to do in an instant .

With our 5 Steps to Freedom, we can have you knowing beyond belief or doubt, that you are able to create anything you desire, and we show you exactly how to do that completely. We practically do it for you.

This is only the spot in our entire circle of knowledge, and we can truly help you to have whatever you truly want in your experience, Literally.


Written by King Gabriel Quincy Collymore
Spiritual Leader/ Healer, Teacher, Author and Musician.












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"3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Feeling Unfulfilled, Burnt Out and Dissatisfied... and How You Can Easily Avoid them...."