100 Million Nanonations
100 Million Nanonations
By Clinton Callahan / nanonations.org

A superstition is an easy-to-understand concept that has no basis in reality. Believing a superstition blocks the perception of more useful possibilities. But superstitions are not called superstitions until they are recognized as superstitions. Before then they are regarded as the truth.

A superstition that participants in modern culture have not yet identified as a superstition is “the nation-state.” This superstition became popular in the 1800s as a win-lose game (“If you get the resources we die, so we will do whatever it takes to get the resources.”). This superstition includes the concept that a nation-state is connected to a piece of land on Earth. Since all the land on Earth has already been claimed by the current 206 nation-states, it is assumed that no new nation-states can emerge on Earth.

But the connection between a nation-state and a plot of land is not a law of nature. It is invented in the imaginations of human beings, pure fiction, a story marketed to you by – you guessed it! – the current set of nation-states.

The concept that land on Earth can be owned by either a person or an organization is also pure fiction, another superstition, easy to understand, but asserted without basis in reality.

In addition, the laws that declare the legality of buying and selling land or mineral rights, and the laws declaring that nation-states rule over anyone or anything inhabiting the land they have claimed, are also completely fabricated. Worse than that, those laws are based on a false paradigm, if one defines “false paradigm” as thoughtware that leads to degrading ecosystems and mass extinction of life on Earth. In other words, the laws making up the set of laws referred to when one uses the phrase “the rule of law” are suicidal and ecocidal. Submitting yourself to western civilization’s rule of law is completely insane.

If the laws of a nation-state are assumed to apply to any person standing on soil claimed to be possessed by that nation-state, then when I set foot on the soil of a different nation-state I would automatically be issued a passport from that new nation-state. But this does not occur. I have been living beyond the borders of the United States of America for 19 years yet the laws of the USA still applied to me until this year when I exchanged my US passport for that of a different nation-state, Germany. I was still required to pay taxes to the United States Internal Revenue Service even though I lived on foreign soil. Why? Because I carried a United States passport.

This means there is already a precedent for a nation-state existing wherever the bearer of a passport of that nation-state stands. Therefore nation-states do not have to be associated with pieces of land on Earth.

Nation-states can be defined as the cultural-context-space being held by a group of three or more people mutually committed to each other while serving a common purpose. Jesus was reported to have said that wherever two or more are gathered their common purpose would come to life. We have learned some things since then. It actually takes three or more people to start a new nanonation.

Why three or more? Because human beings function within an identity-framework they have used since childhood to assure their survival. The identity-framework (called the Box in Possibility Management) is a filter interpreting the world for your survival. It asserts its own rightness, even if it is right about you being wrong, or not good enough, a failure, stupid or bad. When two identity frameworks – each one functioning under the survival imperative that they be right – come into conflict, who provides the clarity that the two individuals are simply misidentified as their Boxes? This is the job of the third person.

Four factors prove sufficient for successful mutual commitment with another human being:
1. Physically: The other person does what they say they will do.
2. Emotionally: The other person can repeat back the information and the feelings they hear you say, and can communicate their own thoughts and feelings.
3. Energetically: The other person can shift their behavior when they receive the feedback that what they are doing is not working.
4. Intellectually: You and the other person agree about the context in which you mutually support each other. Contexts are built out of distinctions (such as the distinction between you and your Box, the distinction between low drama and high drama, the distinction between child-level responsibility and radical responsibility, the distinction between feelings and emotions, the distinction between being centered and giving your center away, etc.) and determines the characteristics of your gameworld.

When you find that all four factors are valid with someone, you then have a solid chance that your mutual commitment will be ecstatic. This forms a solid basis for declaring a new nanonation-state in the global ethnosphere.

Nanonations work in a circle

At present, every United Nations member nation-state uses hierarchical power structures. Hierarchical power structures inherently function with a fatal design flaw in that they select for psychopaths. How? In hierarchies, power positions are obtained by those who do whatever it takes to move up the ladder. The persons best suited to do whatever it takes to get power are the 2% of the human population born with no conscience, in other words, the sociopaths and psychopaths. That is why petitioning any current global (or local) hierarchy to create a bright future for humanity on Earth produces no positive results. Creating a bright future for humanity is not even on their agenda. In the past fifty years global hierarchies have been hijacked by the psychopathic agenda – which is basically to stay in control and garner even more power and money for their terrified little selves. The current system will not be corrected. It will be left behind for something less boring and less susceptible to takeover by psychopaths.

A designed-in characteristic of representative governments is that your representative does not speak for you; they speak for themselves. Since money is valued in that system, your representative’s voice has already been bought by corporate interests, all the way up to the Supreme Court and Presidency of the USA. The only person who can speak for you is you. When you try speaking out in the current system you get pepper-spray in the face and added to the list of state-enemy terrorists.

There are astonishing differences between hierarchical and circular gameworlds (including galaxical, spiral, and toroidal organizational structures). Differences can be outlined in a comparison chart, as shown, but they boil down to the difference between leadership and spaceholding.


  • Degrades to control and manipulation to defend place in the hierarchy.
  • Autocratic decisions.
  • Surrounds themselves with followers.
  • Top-down – limits creativity.
  • Leader is visible – stands out (See me!)
  • Uses charisma, big ego, the mind.
  • Source of threat – people give center away. Lone wolf. Single-fighter.
  • The loudest wins – using a club.
  • Leader thinks it is “my power.”
  • The people serve the leader.
  • But must conform to company culture.
  • Leader is a father figure – “Father knows best.”
  • Non feedback culture.
  • Low drama.
  • I win, you lose.
  • Done for money.
  • Objectives come from higher up.
  • Mission statement is mere marketing.
  • The position has the responsibility – not the person.
  • Tries to avoid responsibility – “Pass the buck.”
  • Decisions made before meeting starts.
  • The leader gets benefits, high pay, high status.
  • Majority vote 51%.
  • Gameworld for Gremlin competition.
  • The biggest Gremlin wins.
  • Capitalist patriarchal empire.
  • Based on scarcity – not enough resources.
  • Leadership is a shadow principle. Creates slaves and drone followers. Spaceholder is a rotated role.


  • Uses nonlinear meeting technologies.
  • Navigates spaces using multiple nonlinear decision-making processes.
  • Bottom-up abundance and cooperation.
  • Uses center, grounding cord, bubble.
  • The ego has no place to stand because the middle of the circle is empty.
  • Spaceholder invisibly uses clarity sword.
  • Spaceholder serves the team.
  • Uses all 4 body intelligences – not just the mind.
  • Context holder shares distinctions.
  • Rapid learning – culture of exchanging ongoing feedback and coaching.
  • Beep! Shift! Go!
  • High drama.
  • Winning happening.
  • Done for high level fun.
  • Discovery Speaking and Dragon Speaking.
  • Done for inspired soul food and heart food.
  • Responsible cooperative archearchy (meaning the archetypes frame-up what is possible).
  • Optimizes group intelligence.
  • Objective is to access both linear and nonlinear possibilities and resources.
  • Conscious use of Gremlin for holding and navigating space.
  • Accesses archetypal feelings.
  • A gameworld for archetypal lineages.
  • Abundantly sources resources.
  • Spaceholding is a bright principle. Creates empowered collaborators.

Leadership forces the existence of followership. Followers trade responsibility and choice for the illusion of security, acting like slaves or drones. Applying leadership in a circle forces the circle back into a hierarchy.

Circles function with a spaceholder, a context holder, often times a scribe, a timekeeper, a Gremlin detector, and sometimes a wanderer who keeps the group energy mixing. The spaceholder and the context holder can be, but are most often not, the same person. One objective of a circle is to empower as many context holders as possible. The spaceholder position is rotated amongst participants, who are given rapid-learning feedback and coaching from others in the circle to improve their space-navigation skills. In a circular organization, power does not come from your position as it does in a hierarchy. There are no power positions in a circle because a circle has no end. The only thing you get to be in a circle is yourself.

A central purpose of a circle is to make a safe and empty space, that means without a candle, flower, crystals or other artifacts in the center – because the open space gives better access to the nothingness needed for authentic creation. The space is used to liberate the nonlinear intelligence resources of each member of the circle in order to serve the common purpose. Spaceholding emerges from an entirely different skillset than leadership.

Hierarchies use two standard decision-making practices:
1. Autocratic (one person dictates, often before the meeting starts, and often from behind the scenes, meaning the autocrat is not even in the room but instead operates from behind the curtain)
2. 51% majority vote (with 49% losers)

Circles make use of at least thirteen nonlinear decision-making procedures, selecting whichever procedure best provides for the questions at hand, including Frying Pan, M.E.S.S. Process (Mayan Extraordinary Synergy System), Reign of Resistance, The Problem Is The Solution, Kaitiakitanga, The Genius Process, Ticking Questions, Follow Your Feet, Push-Pull, Mushrooms, Bellyaching, Journey Into The Earth, and The Exception Makes The Rule. Nonlinear decision-making processes often access unexpectedly-intelligent decisions that fit what is wanted and needed by the future through an expansion or shift of awareness, rather than modeling from the past.

People #Occupy-ing the streets have already taken their power back from the state. How is this so? Because unauthorized collaborative action with strangers is inconceivable for a slave of the modern culture system – it is too scary when you are addicted to the illusion of security and comfort. #Occupy is the first and perhaps most difficult stage in shifting to adult human cultures on Earth, yet we are doing it!

The ethnosphere has already been hacked by a stronger memetic virus than the idea of corporate profits. The meme is: radically responsible high level fun. Seed crystals of adulthood-initiation-centered next-cultures already dot the Earth making it easier for others to shift their understanding about what is really going on and to see what else is possible.

The professional revolutionary class is already creatively collaborating strategy and tactics for global transformation with the diverse but increasingly networked village-states. For example, Burning Man www.burningman.org in Nevada reached its maximum capacity (68,000 people) for the past two years, and Boom Festival www.boomfestival.org in Portugal was for the first time sold out this year (43,000 people). Many additional next-culture festivals now flourish.

The wish and capacity of mature human beings to create and experience diverse cultural spaces is increasing. Mobile, Temporary, and Permanent Autonomous Zones http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permanent_autonomous_zone already thrive and rapidly expand in diversity, number and duration all over the world. Perhaps your most effective actions for escaping the grips of the capitalist patriarchal empire include stepping with more commitment into your local autonomous zones.

The advice from Buckminster Fuller still rings true: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” People together around the world are already doing just this.

From the Wikipedia nation-state page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nation_state: It has been speculated by both proponents of globalization and various science fiction writers that the concept of a nation-state may disappear with the ever-increasingly interconnected nature of the world. …and government is done on the local level, based on a global ethic of human [and nature] rights.

It is clearly necessary to be clear about the laws and customs of your own nanonation. They need not be complicated. A simple foundation for regenerative culture could include something like this: The context of our culture is radical responsibility. Irresponsibility is an illusion. If you see a job to do, it is your job. When you are serving something greater than yourself and you ask for what you want you are asking for what the space wants. We work in circles with spaceholders and context holders, calling decisions through direct access to nonlinear possibility. We meet until everyone knows what to do next. There are no employees. There are no absentee landlords. There are no franchises or copyrights. Manufacturing is cradle-to-cradle. If you cannot carry it with you it is too much to own. Companies are not people because companies cannot take responsibility. There are no company owners or investors. Time is not money; time is time. Money from other nation-states has no value here. We do not need money to survive. We need each other empowered through creative collaboration, which is our currency, and which has no exchange rate with currencies from other nation-states. Land is not owned. It is cared for. Buildings are not owned. They are cared for. Animals, minerals, water and trees are not owned. They are cared for. We are kaitiakitanga http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaitiaki, guardians, stewards. Earth cannot be monetized because we are the Earth. Education does not conform to a curriculum because we don’t know what children need to learn to become themselves for the future. Each child knows for themselves. There aren’t any televisions. Ongoing adulthood initiatory processes drenched in extraordinary and archetypal love establish the core of our gameworld. The rest of our culture – music, clothing, festivals, foods, architecture, thoughtware, and ceremonies – falls into place around ongoing adulthood initiations.

Out of these distinctions emerge the practical details of everyday life. Sourcing a nanonation relocalizes autonomy. It is immensely rewarding.

You never have to put the bubble of your nanonation’s context away so as to conform to the expectations and assumptions of other people’s conscious or unconscious cultural affectations. Conversations between citizens of different nation-states become interesting rather than conflicting. They could start something like this: “You may not be aware of this but you are speaking with a person who lives in a different nation-state than you. Do you expect that the laws and customs of my nation-state apply to you? Then don’t expect that the laws and customs of your nation-state apply to me. How are such things handled in your nation-state? Here is how we handle such things in my nation-state…”

To me it looks like 100 million self-reliant nanonations are emerging all over the planet. We are shifting out of capitalist patriarchal empire into transdigenous archearchy where neither the masculine nor feminine dominate, but rather adulthood-initiated masculine and feminine archetypes collaborate adventurously and lovingly.

Why 100 million? Because from practical experience the maximum number of voices that can be heard in a circle is about sixty. Add in some children to get seventy, then divide seventy into seven billion – the approaching human population of Earth and you get 100 million (7×109 divided by 70 = 1×108, or 100,000,000). Be careful you don’t get left behind in a stupid gameworld.

Further enticements:
www.ecovillage.org, www.ic.org, www.thefec.org, www.eurotopia.de, www.festivalsherpa.com, www.festivalhopper.de, www.archearchy.org, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_intentional_communities, www.renfaire.com, www.therenlist.com, www.listofmicronations.com, www.micronation.org, http://lom.4t.com, www.motherjones.com/media/2011/03/jody-shapiro-micro-nation-primer, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micronation, www.seasteading.org, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massively_multiplayer_online_games, and so on. Googling “medieval festivals” gets you over 23 million hits.

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100 Million Nanonations