10 Things to Keep in Your Car to Tackle Any Breakdown
10 Things to Keep in Your Car to Tackle Any Breakdown
By ridhi / filmsforaction.org

Car breakdowns can wreak absolute havoc if they catch you flat-footed – very literally at that! Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre or a dead and unresponsive battery! Minor accidents may leave you unscathed but can cause your car enough damage for its engine to be unable to come back to life. Whether it is an unpredictable weather condition – a hailstorm or a snowstorm – or just sheer bad luck, a car breakdown can be dealt with very easily if you stay prepared to tackle it. Preparation just involves elementary knowledge of your car components; besides that, what can get you out of the woods is the right set of tools that can come in handy to repair faults and breakdowns of varied kinds. Given below are ten things everyone must have in their car repair tool kit:

  1. Screw Driver Sets

Screw driver kits can be put to use to fix, loosen and tighten an entire range of objects held together with screws. Portable screw driver kits come with screw drivers of various kinds with heads  -- from Philips head screw drivers, slotted head screw drivers and torx screw drivers to hex screw drivers -- that can fit in a humongous variety of your car components. Screw drivers can even be used to jump start cars in case of emergencies. Specifically, torque screw drivers eliminate the risk of tightening a screw a little too much.

  1. Spare Tyres & Tyre Inflators

Various researches have time and again established that flat tyres are one of the most common reasons responsible for car breakdowns. Having a spare tyre paves way for quick and easy replacement when encountered with punctured tyres. Sometimes replacement is not needed; a tyre inflator can easily do the job – one can simply pump his way to healthy tyres without much ado.

  1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are used to jump start cars with dead batteries. They are wires coated with an insulated covering; they have alligator clips that are either specifically marked with polarity signs or colour coded to specify polarity. These cables generally use booster cars to bring the unresponsive, lifeless car batteries back to life. Instead of having to rely on a donor car, car owners these days have started purchasing complete jump start kits instead. These kits reduce dependencies on passing cars if stuck in completely remote locations.

  1. Tyre Pressure Gauge Meters

These are used to gauge the pressure within your inflated car tyres. Cars give better mileage when running on tyres that are filled to an optimum value of pressure. It is important to keep checking the tyre pressure every now and them to ensure optimum performance.

  1. Duct Tapes

The good old duct tapes can be used for a number of things – to put a broken bumper in place temporarily, bunch wires together, provide insulation, put a broken rear view mirror in place to name a few.

  1. Wrenches

Wrenches are a must have tool in your car repair tool kit. They are mandatorily used in all instances of flat tyres. With a plethora of wrenches available in the market, going for a complete wrench set instead of lone wrenches would be the best option. They are great for all tasks that involve loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts.

  1. Portable Car Battery Chargers

If the idea of jump starting a car the good old way doesn’t sound appealing to one, there is an easier alternative; one can go for portable car battery chargers instead. There are fully automatic car battery chargers available in the market these days which simplify the task of bringing dead car batteries back to life.

  1. Water, Work Gloves & Flashlights

Water works wonders not just for humans, but also for their cars. Cars are often unable to start because their cooling systems get way too heated. Pouring a can of water can definitely bring the temperatures down by aplenty and help the engine cool off.

Flashlights are a boon; especially if one is inspecting the far reaches of one’s car engine in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere!

  1. Pliers

Pliers can help one easily work with the various connectors of the car engine. Fiddling around with brakes also becomes easy with the help of pliers. Needle nose pliers are typically used to pick a fallen screw, nut, bolt or any other component from places that are too enclosed to be accessible by one’s hands.

  1. Jacks & Jack Stands

Need to replace a car tyre or fix a component at the bottom of the car? Jacks and jacks stands are devices meant for this job. They help elevate the car and provide space to perform repairs easily.

Car drivers, much to their displeasure, at some point in time in their lives, are faced with a predicament – whether they should abandon their broken-down cars and call for help or continue to wait till help arrives. The ten tools listed above will not only repair your car but also spare you the horror of this harrowing dilemma. Some of the brands of repute selling quality screw driver sets online are Ambika and Jon Bhandari. Other brands selling the ten equipments mentioned above are Goodyear, Prime Tools, Taparia and GB Tools.

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10 Things to Keep in Your Car to Tackle Any Breakdown